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Chiropractor Rob Cartwright D.C.

Chiropractor Fairfield OH Rob Cartwright

Dr. Rob is a practicing Chiropractic physician. He opened his Cincinnati office in 1992 after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College. Dr. Rob is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Dr. Rob’s interest in Chiropractic Medicine began at a young age when he watched his mother heal from severe and debilitating migraines after receiving chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Rob himself experienced the positive effects of chiropractic care when, after 10 ear tube surgeries, his ear infections ceased after getting chiropractic care.

Dr. Rob has a strong passion to get his patients well. He specializes in meridian therapy, physical therapy, and the newest adjustment techniques to ensure optimal care for his patients. Dr. Rob has a strong interest in nutritional counseling and has been educating his patients on healthy habits for over 26 years.  For this reason, Dr. Cartwright decided to add his own unique weight loss system to his practice.  It is a completely customized and holistic program which includes nutritional, physical, psychological and detoxification components.

While Dr. Rob has specialized training, he enjoys working with all age groups. Dr. Rob just as easily assists with colic or ear infections in an infant, tummy aches in a toddler, or joint sprains in a teen, as he does with breech presentation during pregnancy, back pain in adulthood, arthritis in the elderly, or troubles with weight management.

You will instantly feel welcome when you meet Dr. Rob and will understand why many patients have been coming to see him for years. Dr. Rob has a loving heart and his greatest desire is to improve the lives of all those in his care.

Theresa Wigley

Chiropractic Fairfield OH Theresa Wigley

Theresa serves as Dr. Rob’s assistant. She is a trained LPN and worked as a Medical Surgical Nurse and an OB Nurse in Florida for 9 years.

After moving to Cincinnati, Theresa switched careers and joined the world of UPS. Theresa’s expertise at UPS was timely package delivery – so she understands the value of keeping things running on time.

Theresa was first a patient of Dr. Rob’s after being involved in a serious car accident and then decided to switched back to the medical field after improving her own medical condition through Chiropractic Care. You can see her nursing experience in action as she cares for each patient and their therapeutic needs.

Theresa is the welcome face upon entering the office and the friendly voice on the phone. She is always available for patient questions and concerns and truly wants to help.  She has been a dedicated employee at the clinic for 15 years.  She is compassionate and wants each patient to feel and be well.

Yvonne Cartwright

Chiropractic Fairfield OH Yvonne CartwrightYvonne serves as the clinic patient advocate. She knows and understands that weight and weight loss are emotional topics and spends time addressing the psychological as well as the physical aspects for each and every patient.
Prior to working at the clinic, Yvonne enjoyed a 16 year career at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Before that, she spent years working in Nursing Homes and attended UC for a Degree in Nursing. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences and a minor in Psychology, her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, and is working on completing her Doctoral Degree in Natural Medicine and Energy Medicine.

Yvonne’s role balances patient care with emotion. She herself has had four children, so has experienced first-hand the difficulties with weight fluctuations. She believes in one-on-one attention for each patient, as every person is different, and their needs for weight loss and weight management are different. Yvonne provides the needed support for each patient to succeed in reaching their weight loss goals.

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“I trust you completely with my health and wellness.”

- Sandy

“I trust you completely with my health and wellness.”“You are the best doctor. You really take good care of me. I don’t know what I would do without you. You are the only one who has given me relief.”

- Elizabeth

“You are awesome. You are a great doc. Thank you for keeping me healthy.”

- Rosco

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